Snorkel & Swim

Maria Island's pristine coastline

Snorkeling kits for hire

Snorkel and swim Maria Island's pristine marine protected area.  Explore the uniquesandstone reef at the painted cliffs and come face to face with Tasmania's famous 5kg (10lb) southern rock lobster (crayfish).  The snorkeling at Maria Island is shallow and easily accessible for those with swimming and snorkeling experience.

Hire a snorkeling kit while visiting Maria Island for the day or overnight.  Prices are reduced to offset the small fee charged for luggage on the Maria Island Ferry.  Snorkeling kits are provided in a small dive bag and include a quality silicone mask and snorkel, molded fins, long sleeve neoprene vest and dive flag/float.

Snorkeling kits can also be hired for use during our cruise + walk day tour.  Snorkeling can be undertaken while the boat is at anchor during lunch or during the afternoon whilst ashore at Maria Island.  Due to time constraints, snorkeling during the afternoon would be in lieu of the guided walk at Darlington.

Please hire long sleeve neoprene vests separately and your vest to the snorkel kit booking.  If you will be using your own wetsuit, you will not need to hire the neoprene vest.  We require the use of either the vest or a wetsuit to provide buoyancy while snorkeling.

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