Available: November – May

Please use the above calendar to view which tour is available on any given day.  You may also make bookings through this calendar.

Unfortunately we only operate one tour each day. If there are no bookings on a specific date, both tours will be available to book. Once a tour is chosen, the alternative tour will be removed. Both options are tours of Maria Island and follow our famed cruise + walk tour format.

The difference between One Day On Maria - Circumnavigation and One Day On Maria - Island of Seals is the destination of the cruise.

One Day On Maria - Circumnavigation will cruise around the Maria Island coastline.

One Day On Maria - Island of Seals will cruise to Maria Island then to a renowned seal island, the Ile Des Phqoues, for morning tea.

Both tour options will include a 4 hour cruise, gourmet lunch onboard the boat and a 2 hr stay on Maria Island. Please note the Island of Seals tour is a tour of Maria Island, but includes a stop over at a seal colony.