The stunning colours of Ile Des Phoques

Maria Island 


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Our unique day tour includes two options.  Each option follows the same tour format of a 4hr cruise, lunch and afternoon stay on Maria Island. 

The two options differ as the cruise will take you to different locations around the Maria Island coastline.

Option 1 - Ile Des Phoques is a remote granite island to the north of Maria Island.  Here we stay with playful fur seals and enjoy morning tea with the seals before exploring the most amazing giant colourful granite sea caves in the world.  The cruise then takes you back to Maria Island to visit the famous Fossil Cliffs, Painted Cliffs en route to a secluded beach for lunch.  Your afternoon is spent on the island taking in the remarkable history of the Darlington world heritage settlement and sharing a photo with resident wombats and kangaroos.

Option 2 - Take a cruise around the entire coastline of Maria Island and see the lot!  Explore sea caves, waterfalls, ancient fossils, the stunning Riedle Bay and Maria Island's isthmus, lunch at a secluded beach, the painted cliffs and then back to Darlington for your afternoon stroll.  

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