maria island

A confronting image of a common wombat in Tasmania suffering from a severe and debilitating skin condition caused by a parasitic mite.

maria island

A small donation can go a long way.  We will contribute an end of season donation to three wonderful organisations who are working hard to protect our beloved animals and environments in Tasmania.  You too can assist them by making a small donation.

Please select below a conservation partner under the "donations" tab of the booking portal.  Your donation will be passed directly to them and listed belowfor full transparency.  East Coast Cruises will provide an end of season donation to each group to further contribute to their wonderful work.

Please click "more" and select Donations  in the product list.

Sam and the Team from LYS are currently in Tassie, travelling all around the State to raise awareness of breast cancer screening, cancer research and treatments.  Everyone knows how passionate and motivated Sam is about this cause.  As an initial dare between siblings, in the face of his sister Connies' terminal diagnosis with breast cancer, Sam unicycled around Australia.  Together with his sister, they raised over a million dollars for breast cancer research.  He continues to honour his sister's legacy by touring around Australia with a team of equally motivated volunteers raising much needed awareness about pre checks and screening, the latest research and treatment technology.  This team of people is bloody amazing.  Keep them on the road.  Click on the Love Your Sister image and make a donation.  Kick cancer to the curb.

ECC donation Oct 2019 - $550

The Raptor Refuge is an amazing facility in Southern Tasmania that cares for and rehabilitates injured birds of prey from all over our State.  As well as providing a refuge for injured animals, they provide public information and education about the plight of endemic raptors, provide advice to local and State governments and have recently established the Raptor Hotline 1800RAPTOR for reporting injured birds.  Please donate to this wonderful facility as it operates purely on public donations and volunteer support.

East Coast Cruises
Raptor Refuge calendar sponsorship:

$400 (2015)

$400 (2016)

$400 (2017)

$400 (2018)

$430 (2019)

Raptor Refuge donations:

East Coast Cruises - $500 (June 2019)

Guest Contributions 2019/2020

*Updated after guest arrival

M. Jacobs $50

J. Darcy $5

M. Jacobs $50

C. Howitt $5

E. Orland $5



Wombat Rescue Tasmania Inc. is a grassroots, self-funded community group treating hundreds of wild wombats affected by sarcoptic mange in Tasmania. They are dedicated to treating and preventing wombat mange because if left untreated, the wombats suffer from an awful protracted death through secondary infections.  Treating wombats with mange is a very labor intensive exercise that occurs over many months.  Volunteers are often required to carry out this extensive work in collaboration with DPIPWE and UTAS.  Your donation to Wombat Rescue Tasmania will save wombats from this debilitating disease. 

Wombat Rescue Tasmania donations:

East Coast Cruises - $500 (June 2019)

Guest Contributions 2019/2020

*Updated after guest arrival

M. Jacobs $50

J. Darcy $5

A. Villaruel $5

C. Howitt $5

E. Orland $5


The Friends of Maria Island group was created from an initial involvement in the renovation of historic farm buildings, but now has broadened towards sustaining the long term future of the island’s ecosystems as well as it’s cultural heritage We came together through a common interest in preserving the environment and heritage of the island. Current projects involve the protection against the threats of invasive Canary broom (Genista monspessulana) and Spanish Heath (Erica lusitanica).  Donations help to fund several volunteer led events annually at Maria Island.

Friends of Maria Island donations:
East Coast Cruises:
Guest Contributions 2019/2020

*Updated after guest arrival

M. Jacobs $50

J. Darcy $5

M. Jacobs $50

D. Carlson $5

E. Orland $5

Tasmanian Bush Fire Appeal
January 2019

East Coast Cruises donated $5 for every tour passenger from Feb 1st to Feb 14th in 2019 to assist Tasmanians affected by bushfires.  Donations were passed on to established non-for-profit organisations and charities such as St Vincent De Paul, the Salvation Army and Rural Alive and Well (RAW).  Thank you to everyone who has donated to help families in need.

Records of all contributions are listed below for full transparency and a tally of money contributed.

Tasmanian Bush Fire Appeal donations:
Rural Alive & Well $500
Salvation Army $545
StVinnies $500

R. SMITH      $10 

R. DAVIS      $10 

S. DAVIS      $10


L. LAI  $10

M. JACOBS  $10

R & W NASH $100



A.  TURVEY $20



K.  SCHMIDT  $20



L.  WHEELER  $10

M.  MALOY  $5

I & K.  WILSON  $20

J & G.  GIDDINGS  $20



R.  HEE  $10



R. James  $10

C . Samuels  $10

B.  Manning  $5

M.  Alenson  $10



East Coast Cruises
in-kind donations

Hotel Grand Chancellor Staff Fundraiser: $530

Pink Hight Tea 2019: $470

Ross Arts Festival:  $940

Rotary Club of Spring Bay: $450

Roxy's Resolve: $500

Roxy's Resolve: $450

Sorell School Association: $450

Pink High Tea 2018: $450

Old Mate's Day: $225

Rotary Club of Smithton: $450

Rotary Club of Spring Bay: $440

Save The Children's Ball: $440

Camp Quality: $3850

Camp Quality: $5845

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